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Crafting To Relieve Stress

I am a busy mom, which makes it exceptionally difficult to relax. A few years ago, I realized that I needed a creative outlet for my stress, and so I started crafting. Every week, I would choose a project around the house to fix up. It was fun to add crown molding to my bathroom, to make a wreath for my front door, and to design holiday decorations for my home. I wanted to create a fun-filled blog where other moms could glean inspiration. Check out these articles for ideas that might help you to make something special and truly customized for your home.


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Crafting To Relieve Stress


Three Ways That Children's Building Block Toys Can Be Educational

When you shop for toys for your children, you'll often have two goals — you want the toys that you buy to be entertaining for your kids, but you also want the toys to be educational to some degree. Sometimes, you'll find toys that are more toward one end of this spectrum than the other. For example, a particular toy may be highly educational, but not very fun to play with.

Promoting Your Business With Clear Vinyl Window Graphics On Its Storefront

There are many options that you can use for advertising your business and helping it to grow. However, it can be easy to overlook some of the simpler options that can be used to effectively raise awareness of your company. One of these options can include clear vinyl window graphics. Myth: Clear Vinyl Graphics Are Only Compatible With Auto Glass One common reason for businesses failing to utilize these graphics is due to the assumption that they are only compatible with auto glass.

3 Tips For Finding Antique Trade Catalogs At A Low Price

If you're interested in history, you might be interested in checking out antique trade catalogs. Many people like looking at antique trade catalogs for things like old furniture, old hardware, and more. However, if you have been looking for these things, you might have found that they were more costly than what you could reasonably afford. Fortunately, it is possible for you to find and enjoy these catalogs without spending a lot of money.

Model Airplane Building: What To Do When An Integral Part Breaks

Serious model builders prefer perfection. It is not uncommon to spend hours sanding pieces, gluing them together, and disassembling everything to try for a better fit. It is part of the process and makes the finished kit that much more enjoyable because the assembler can display it with pride. The most disheartening moment for any of these hobbyists is when an important piece breaks in a way that makes it impossible to repair so the flaw is undetectable.

5 Fun Handmade Tools For Experimenting With Acrylic Paints

When it's hard to feel motivated to keep painting as you build your skills with acrylic, experimenting is the best way to break out of a rut. Unusual painting tools create exciting textures and patterns that you wouldn't get during your usual painting practice sessions. Round out your collection of tools from the paint supply store with these five fun ideas you can most likely make with materials already lying around the house.

Five Quadcopter Mistakes That Could Injure Somebody

Quadcopters are increasingly popular in the United States, and thousands of enthusiasts now love to fly these amazing drones. Unfortunately, your new quadcopter could injure somebody if you don't use the gadget safely. Make sure you don't have any accidents by avoiding the five following flying mistakes. No pre-flight maintenance checks Regular use could mean that some of your quadcopter's parts start to wear or come loose. In many cases, you can easily fix these problems with a screwdriver or a spanner, but if you don't check the drone before each flight, a simple mechanical problem could cause an accident.