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I am a busy mom, which makes it exceptionally difficult to relax. A few years ago, I realized that I needed a creative outlet for my stress, and so I started crafting. Every week, I would choose a project around the house to fix up. It was fun to add crown molding to my bathroom, to make a wreath for my front door, and to design holiday decorations for my home. I wanted to create a fun-filled blog where other moms could glean inspiration. Check out these articles for ideas that might help you to make something special and truly customized for your home.


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Crafting To Relieve Stress

Promoting Your Business With Clear Vinyl Window Graphics On Its Storefront

by Silvia Soto

There are many options that you can use for advertising your business and helping it to grow. However, it can be easy to overlook some of the simpler options that can be used to effectively raise awareness of your company. One of these options can include clear vinyl window graphics.

Myth: Clear Vinyl Graphics Are Only Compatible With Auto Glass

One common reason for businesses failing to utilize these graphics is due to the assumption that they are only compatible with auto glass. While it is common for commercial vehicles to use vinyl decals on the auto's glass and exterior body, these decals are also extremely effective when they are used with your building's windows. Businesses that have large storefront windows may benefit the most from the use of these decals as they can dramatically increase the attention that your storefront is generating from people as they pass by it.

Myth: Vinyl Graphics Will Make The Window Hard To Clean

Cleaning the storefront window will be needed on a regular basis to keep the building's exterior looking attractive. Unfortunately, business owners that assume these decals will make the window harder to clean can be less likely to utilize them. In reality, the use of these decals will have little impact on the difficulty of cleaning the windows. Generally, the only difference in the care that windows with these graphics will be avoiding the use of standard glass cleaners as they can strip the color out of the decal. Rather, you should only use a little water or cleaning agents that are cleared for use with vinyl graphics.  

Myth: It Is Difficult To Have Clear Vinyl Window Graphics Installed

The installation of these graphics will be a short process that should not have major impacts on your business's daily operations. Generally, a technician will be able to install one of these graphics in a matter of minutes once they have arrived and prepared the glass. Business owners that attempt to install these graphics on their own can make mistakes that lead to wrinkles forming in the decal, which could ruin its look. Additionally, it can be easy to get air pockets under the decal, and these can lead to it starting to peel away from the window. Using a professional service to place the graphics on the glass can avoid these problems and ensure the decal will look as professional as possible to those that see when they pass by the storefront.