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I am a busy mom, which makes it exceptionally difficult to relax. A few years ago, I realized that I needed a creative outlet for my stress, and so I started crafting. Every week, I would choose a project around the house to fix up. It was fun to add crown molding to my bathroom, to make a wreath for my front door, and to design holiday decorations for my home. I wanted to create a fun-filled blog where other moms could glean inspiration. Check out these articles for ideas that might help you to make something special and truly customized for your home.


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Crafting To Relieve Stress

Model Airplane Building: What To Do When An Integral Part Breaks

by Silvia Soto

Serious model builders prefer perfection. It is not uncommon to spend hours sanding pieces, gluing them together, and disassembling everything to try for a better fit. It is part of the process and makes the finished kit that much more enjoyable because the assembler can display it with pride. The most disheartening moment for any of these hobbyists is when an important piece breaks in a way that makes it impossible to repair so the flaw is undetectable. Here are four ways to overcome this frustrating setback and complete the project. 

Have One Printed

Many serious miniaturists now keep a 3D printer just for the purpose of making lost or broken parts or to create original pieces of their own. However, this isn't just an option for people with a printer at home. There are some local 3D-printing services around the country and operating online. It is also possible that a printer may be available at a local middle school or high school in the Industrial Technologies laboratory. Contact schools to see if they have this technology and if they would take on the project.

Contact the Manufacturer

Some manufacturers of airplane model kits offer replacement parts for their current products. Contact the customer service department online or by phone with the model number and the part number. 

Look for Used

Classified ads and online auction sites are potential sources of an endless amount of parts and pieces. Of course, there is no guarantee that an assembled kit could be disassembled without damaging the piece again.  A better option is to find a partially assembled or non-assembled kit that the original owner no longer wants. 

Purchase Another Model

This option may not be favored by those who are looking for a piece from an expensive kit. The benefit is that after buying another model kit online, the owner will now have replacement parts for everything as they finish their build and beyond. Accidents do happen occasionally once a model is on display. Reselling the remaining parts is possible if keeping them on hand is undesirable. There are likely other hobbyists looking for replacement parts on their own. 

In some instances, a broken piece is more repairable than people believe. Many repaired seams can be hidden if the finished design calls for the piece to be painted. There are online instructions and photo and video tutorials from other builders that document how to heat and fuse broken plastic components together. It is a good learning experience and potentially useful even if the finished work is not perfect. After all, there is nothing to lose if the part was originally destined for the trash can. 

To find model airplane kits, contact companies like New Frontier Hobbies.